„Európai cool-túra a sárréti gimnáziumban”

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Project summary

The aim of this project is to start and emphasize European projects in the Péter András Secondary Grammar School, in order to understand better European values, the multicultural point of view, in this institution, with long lasting traditions of the Sárrét region. By this, we intend to strengthen one of the main strategies of our school, also stressed in our Curriculum, the effective teaching of foreign languages and talent nursing. We have specialized classes in English and German, as a first foreign language, which are very popular, as they prepare students successfully for exams.Our students can study English as a first foreign language effectively in small groups, having more lessons per week. As a second foreign language our students can choose German, Italian or Russian.Our long term strategy is to provide multicultural environment for the improvement of foreign language teaching, by international relations. So, our teachers and students can take part in international prgrammes, in order to know better other people’s culture.This allows on short-, and long term as well the improvement of foreign language competence of teachers and students in our school.The project team consists of language teachers taking part in mobilities and specialized school work-group leaders.We prepare a project management plan as a first step, which includes preparation, accomplishment and feedback phases. Each field has its person in charge.In order to develop their methodological knowledge, five foreign language teachers have enrolled in English, and Italian courses organized in different parts of Europe. Two German teachers are going to study English, in order to be able to join international school partnerships. A deputy-headteacher representing the school management would like to improve her communication skills in English, in a multicultural, bilingual environment in Malta, also looking for possible partners in a future school partnership project.The result of this Erasmus+ project has a positive effect both on students and teachers. The long term improvement regarding international relations, from the point of view of the institution, is obvious.