Budget accomodation in the Kárász Castle

The Kárász Castle is one of the most important historical sites in Szeghalom town. In the second half of the 1830s, count Miklós Kárász, a so called „gold key” chamberlain, built the early eclectic style castle. His son, count  Imre Kárász  expanded  the castle based on one of the most famous Hungarian architects, Miklós Ybl ’s  plans after 1865 and built a  two-storey terraced music pavilion. There was also a cross wing  covered by a glass roof, which served as a  star observatory. The castle and its park were separated from the street by a fortresswall-like fence and brick-like watercourses.

The building was burnt down by  the looting local population in October 1944,  as a result, two –thirds of the castle burnt down. The eastern (Miklós Ybl)  wing was renovated in  1945. The regional internal camp was here. The building was used by the local agricultural vocational school in 1946. The burnt  parts of the castle was destroyed and cleared away in 1951 after that the building  was modified and it was used as girls boarding school. The remained part of the castle, the so called „Ybl wing” was completely renovated in 2004 since than it is used as a coeducated boarding school. The boarding school belongs to András Péter Secondary Grammar School .  The boarding students prepare for the everyday work among the ancient walls but in a modern environment.

The boarding school also serves as a youth hostel. If you need budget accommodation in Eastern region of Hungary feel free to contact us! We offer nice,clean rooms (with 3- 6-8 beds), free of charge Internet connection and parking and a nice inner courtyard at the distance of 500 meters from city center. You can book a room via e-mail: kovaricsilla62@freemail.hu or via phone:+36304158162

You are welcome any time of the year.

Address: 5520 Szeghalom, Ady E. u. 1/A

GPS Coordinates:  N 47° 0′ 56″ E 21° 10’38”

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